BlueFeather Manual

Encoding Rule

1. Converting to html part

(converting *.bftext files, parsing by parse_text or others.)

BlueFeather doesn't specially treat. If ruby 1.8.x ealier, it is based on $KCODE value then. Else if ruby 1.9.x later, it is based on encoding which String object has.

When you use bluefeather command, it is based on -e (--encoding) option. Default is UTF-8.

2. Converting to html document

(converting *.bfdoc files, parsing by parse_document or others.)

BlueFeather uses the following order.

  1. Encoding header of document metadata (PRIMARY)
  2. Specified encoding at convert
  3. UTF-8

If you want to know about encoding header, see the Metadata reference.

You can specify encoding. If you use bluefeather command, you must use -e (--encoding) option for it. If you use with parse_document or parse_document_file, you must use 2nd argument of these methods for it.